Have you heard about coworking from some friend of yours but still can’t make up your mind? Or you have to explain to your old-fashioned boss that moving offices to a coworking space is convenient? You’ve come to the right place! Below we are going to list some coworking advantages and how you can benefit from it at our shared space.


The main advantage of a coworking space is the significant cost saving. At Working Milano each quotation is customized to meet each client’s needs, with basic or full formula, dedicated desks and several daily entrances


Working in a coworking space means establishing new professional relations which could develop an ongoing project or create new partnerships.

If you are a start-up the coworking context is the perfect solution to expand your specialists’ team or to finance your latest project. Working Milano’s coworkers come from different sectors: architects, graphics, digital communication specialists, IT engineers… jobs that on the one hand seem unrelated but on the other contribute to develop new synergies within the community.


Have you always worked alone and managed by yourself any details? Or, on the contrary, have you never managed some aspects and now you don’t have any idea how to do it? Don’t worry! At Working Milano, the most beautiful coworking of Milan, nothing is left to chance: our guest liaison is always professional, we pick carefully your deliveries up and your packages are shipped rapidly. Prints and scans are guaranteed thanks to multifunctional devices with personal code so you can print your documents with complete privacy.


Having an own office means managing lots of utilities: light, telephone, cleaning service… A shared space allows you to focus on your job without having to think about bills!

Working Milano provides included to your formula all the utilities of a traditional office and guarantees daily cleaning service.

We will schedule for you in advance your periodic rental charges: a single deadline for all the comforts.


The result of the very first meeting with new clients is fundamental and often some environments, such as house or bar, do not help. The coworking phenomenon finds the right compromise between the informal part, which allows to strengthen relations beyond the working sphere and the formal part, which brings the perfect professional image.

Our building is conceived with high-quality materials and pieces of design furniture with attention to details that add character to the space. Working Milano creates an environment suitable for several circumstances.


What if I tell you that you are contributing to energy saving of the city beyond your own cost saving? A coworking space born of the recovery of a pre-existing unit and uses renewable sources such as the innovative geothermal facility which brings a significant energy saving. Our structure is also surrounded by wide glass façades and roofing which allows us to exploit natural light