Two world: why a “dedicated desk” is the best part

Working for a company or for your own business requires to make an effort and to work hard in order to achieve important goals. This is why it is essential to have tools and conveniences necessary to give your best. Well-being and comfort in your workplace is essential and each of us has to be able to use appropriate spaces, services and technology and benefit from them, even when working remotely, therefore outside the physical spaces of the company.
Working Milano, with its own desks, offers different solutions for every need, so you can feel like at your own home or your own office.

Our desks are just perfect both for who wants to develop a start-up project, for freelancers looking for a space to work in peace, for creatives looking for inspiration, or for analysts who deal with data processing.


If you’re one of those people who always gets distracted when working at home or at office, a dedicated desk is the perfect choice, the perfect place to better develop your creativity or to increase productivity. Our coworking space is a calm place to work, it is cosy and it helps you better improve your concentration, even though it offers the possibility to share spaces with other coworkers, and to benefit from the advantages of being part of a community.


The weight of your computer has become unbeareable? Don’t worry! With our desk you will be able to use cabinets and drawers with personal keys, so you can move around easily leaving documents, heavy tools and objects, completely safety.


You will no longer run the risk of going to the office and finding someone sitting at your desk. Even if you are in a hurry because of the traffic and you have to find a place in the city center to work, every morning you will find your desk waiting for you, to start the new day in the best way.


You regulated your chair to the perfect height, with the seatback in the perfect grade you desired, and the day after someone in your office move it or changed the perfect adjustment with which you left it? We have the solution! In our coworking, with a desk you’re going to get an “ergonomic chair” too, which you’re going to find everyday as you left it.


Do you need to meet a customer or have an important meeting? Don’t worry, we have the solution! Our desks include monthly hours of meeting rooms that will allow you to freely discuss your projects with your partners. You can also reserve a meeting room even though you do not use the desks.


Having your own desk in a coworking space has many advantages.
It will be only your personal desk and you. Yet, if you want to grant yourself a pause, our break area will always be there to welcome you, together with other coworkers just like you, who want to have a chat. A dedicated desk allows you to have the flexibility you need.
It is you that decide when to work or when to have a little break, so you can go back to work more refreshed.


In our spaces there is no need to get up every time you print. All our coworkers are equipped with a personal PIN for printing: you can stay focused on your work and send all the documents you need in the print queue, then get up at the end of your work and print what you need with your special PIN, without taking the risk that others mistakenly take your documents. With us, your privacy is guaranteed and the first prints of the month are included! Are you intrigued to discover our desks? We will be happy to guide you on a tour of our spaces.

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