Environmental sustainability and geothermal energy

A big tree in the forest

Geothermal energy is an alternative and renewable source which exploits the natural heat within the subsoil, that has a constant temperature between 53,3 and 59 °F.
According to the cogeneration process, it is possible to exploit this energy source by installing special geothermal probes.

What is a geothermal probe?

It is an uptaking probe which, through a closed system of pipes in which water circulates, allows the exchange of heat with the subsoil.
Through a geothermal system it is possible to produce heat for winter heating and generate cold water for cooling the rooms during summer periods, saving energy this way.

Working Milano, in accordance with its philosophy, since the very beginning has made a green choice, installing geothermal probes for the operation of its system, in total respect of the environment.