The story of a sustainable glance at Milan

Working Milano was born in 2015. Today it is a space that hosts events, meetings and workspaces, but it has not always been so. Our structure, before being restructured, was an auto workshop. The idea of ​​the new space comes from the recovery of a pre-existing building: an innovative and sustainable substance within the same shape it had in the past. A modern environment, in the heart of Milan , that can meet new business needs. Working Milano is a venture came into the world from the desire to create a sustainable environment, in an avant-garde architecture. It is a project that aims to support the re-use and regeneration of existing spaces, born out of passion, dedication and competence.

This is just how our open space took shape: from the desire to welcome people and their projects, in a comfortable and contemporary space, that can adapt well to every need.

Black and white photo of the entrance of Working Milano in 1950s. In the street a vintage car.

The access to the auto workshop in the 1950s.